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Are you new to the real estate industry? Are you just not getting the support you need to get your business to the next level? Hi, I’m Vicki Horsmon and I’m Randy Utz and we're Associate Brokers and Team Leaders with the VR Group brokered by eXp Realty, and we have built our business on three pillars that's structure systems and support. Many times, when joining a brokerage or a team you're handed a list of their systems and sent out on your own to navigate them. Here at the VR Group, our agent's first step is a one-on-one guided orientation with our operations manager Brianne Roth. I will introduce and train you on all of our systems and be your first contact for support and marketing. Ultimately my role is to make sure that all agents have all the resources they need to run their business efficiently and at its maximum potential.

After orientation all of our agents are enrolled into a 13-week hands-on step-by-step program that increases their business on average by two transactions per month. Now, in this program they are taught how to utilize the systems, implement the systems, and ultimately put them in place in order to create incredible income and an even better lifestyle. Another key component to helping our agents take their business to the next level is having a dedicated Success Manager with over 25 years’ experience and a track record of success; there is no one better suited than our very own Julie Fuller.

I’m here to walk you through the real estate transaction process. This includes initial prospecting, setting buyer and seller appointments, attending those appointments, navigating which documents to use for each transaction, and most importantly getting you to the settlement table so we can get you to payday. Several years ago, I had such a great experience with a member of the team because of the communication and professionalism, I knew that when I became a licensed agent the VR Group was home for me. As a new agent to the team the systems and support that are in play have been so vital to accelerating my career past what I thought was imaginable at this stage in my career, and if you're an experience agent you definitely know the importance of having a great support team, especially through the process of a transaction.

Here on our team our Transaction Coordinator is available to help you facilitate each deal from contract to close and beyond and staying top of mind to your potential clients is vital to your success. Our marketing support helps create content and influence in your local market. So, if this sounds like something that can help you and your business out whether you're brand new just getting started, or you're looking to take it to the next level, be sure to click the link below and set up your one-on-one confidential meeting with us. Send us a confidential message today!